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Content development in Public Relations is STRATEGIC and includes innovative rhetoric + writing + design Read the latest on what's trending & "How-To" advice.

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RiverVoices Digital Storytelling Project

Check in regularly on our RiverVoices Digital Storytelling project, as well as other creative ways organizations and companies are using digital storytelling & GIS Tools.

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Interested in the intersection of people, places & natural resources including collaboration, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), placemaking and promotion.

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Strengths of Deep Souls…

The other day, a student sought help drafting an essay to college. He is what I would call a deep soul thinker – a young man who appears wise beyond his years, who sees creative connections in challenges, but for whom the k-12 education system didn’t ideally fit the way he envisions concepts and problem […]

Participant Observation: The Power of a Digital Story

Participant Observation: The Power of a Digital Story DIGITAL STORY LINK HERE When I participated in a digital storytelling workshop through the Berkeley, CA-based Center for Digital Storytelling held on a beautiful organic farm in Lyons, CO, several of the digital stories that emerged among the two dozen participants stood out. One centered on the […]

Be Open

One of the many indicators and personality traits inherent in numerous creativity-related assessments, most notably the Big Five factors of personality, is Openness to Experience. This trait or factor is used by modern psychological researchers to describe how apt a person is to engage in abstract thinking. Openness to Experience, or OE, describes a cognitive […]

The Most Powerful Question

A good friend engaged in creative problem solving, facilitation, mentoring, and personal and spiritual development, posted a link to this amazing blog post written by Ewan Townhead, founder of The Realized Entrepreneur. In his discussion of hitting rock-bottom in his relationship and entrepreneurial pursuits, despite the success of both, he tells of turning to mysticism, […]