The Most Powerful Question

A good friend engaged in creative problem solving, facilitation, mentoring, and personal and spiritual development, posted a link to this amazing blog post written by Ewan Townhead, founder of The Realized Entrepreneur. In his discussion of hitting rock-bottom in his relationship and entrepreneurial pursuits, despite the success of both, he tells of turning to mysticism, prayer and meditation for answers, when one came, profoundly, in the form of a question:

What is being asked of me?

For those of us who might feel stuck at a given time, this guiding question is not only one that holds the potential for clarifying, but also prompts us to look at the possibilities opening up in front of us. Townhead addresses the need to listen to this inner prodding (what he calls intuitions) that accompanies this question, to aid in exploring possibilities.

This is a great read for now, or to file away for future delving.

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