Be Open

One of the many indicators and personality traits inherent in numerous creativity-related assessments, most notably the Big Five factors of personality, is Openness to Experience. This trait or factor is used by modern psychological researchers to describe how apt a person is to engage in abstract thinking. Openness to Experience, or OE, describes a cognitive style that distinguishes imaginative, creative people from practical, conventional people. People who score highly on Openness are described as being appreciative of the arts, interested in new ideas and challenges, and intellectually curious. People who are considered low in this dimension tend to prefer the simple and familiar when compared to the novel or complex, and often like rules and structure and perhaps working inside the box rather than outside it.

Read Lidor Wyssocky’s article, Be Open, to understand how open-ended triggers found in real life and how these triggers can foster motivation in creative solution-finding. Read More.

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