Courses & Evaluations

As an instructor at Clarkson University in the Department of Communication & Media, I have retooled and instructed a number of courses including independent and special topics courses. Primarily, I have been engaged in teaching the following courses:

Com 210 – Introduction to Rhetoric
Com 217 – Introduction to Public Speaking
Com 310 – Organizational & Leadership Communication
Com 313 – Professional Communication
Com 312 – Public Relations
Com 412 – Environmental Communication


Overall Teaching Evaluation Scores: 4.89/5.0 for value of instructor for 8 semesters. For comparison, the Clarkson University mean over those same semesters was 4.05/5.0 for value of instructor.

– Very good instructor. Very concerned about the students and accommodating. Easy to talk to and approachable. Easy to see that she enjoyed teaching the class.

– Very approachable and has a genuine concern for students which allows for progressive learning development.

– Going by student responses from this class, Courtney has greatly improved the out- look of the course. She brought an outstanding external knowledge that greatly enhanced our learning. She made it very easy to get usable and effective feedback and support on our work. She was more than willing to help students on work that wasn’t part of our class assignments. Her door was “always open” for us to ask questions and get help. Her teaching was fantastic and I can’t wait to be in another one of her classes.

– Great course, will help me more as an engineer than any other elective.

– Cares more about the students taking something away from the class and learning something than any other teacher.

– Excellent!! One of my favorite instructors at Clarkson.

– Courtney’s enthusiasm and teaching skills made the class a good learning experience, but also fun!

– I think Courtney did an outstanding job. She’s a quirky and fun teacher who captivates her students. I think she made the class relaxed and open-minded.

– Probably the best instructor I have had at Clarkson; approachable and conducts class in an easy going environment.

– Amazing instructor, she puts so much into the classes and is truly concerned about students. This was my favorite class thus far; I felt comfortable and @ ease which really helped when giving a speech.

– Fantastic, practices what she preaches. Care about students like no other professor.

– Awesome! Thank you. Best class I’ve taken at Clarkson.

– Courtney is a great teacher. One of the best I’ve had here.

– Courtney is an excellent instructor. She presents information to the class in a very well organized manner. She is understanding of students’ wants and needs but still firm on the policies she has.

– Excellent, love the hands on activities.

– Amazing professor, one of the best I have had at Clarkson.