Creativity Resources/Tools

These resources and tools are organized by the Four Ps in Creativity – Person, Process, Product and Press (Environment), and include links to organizations, articles and tools.

Creative PERSON


This is a free assessment tool, complete with PDF descriptions, based on the work of Jung, Myers-Briggs and Kiersey. The assessment takes less than a half-hour to complete and the PDFs are thorough:

FourSight Innovation Tool – as an advanced user with a goal of certification, I am able to administer the FourSight Innovation Tool to individuals and groups and offer a workshop on Building Innovation Teams. As a high ideator and implementer, for example, I could optimize my performance on a team by working collaboratively with a clarifier and analyst. To schedule a workshop, please contact me.

Popular Pubs and Resources
  • 10 Characteristics of Creative People HERE
  • How Creative People are Wired HERE
  • Characteristics of Highly Creative People HERE
  • Secrets Behind the Creative Brain (The Atlantic) HERE
  • Creative People’s Brains Really Do Work Differently (?) HERE
Scholarly Pubs and Resources
  • Kaufman, Plucker & Baer (Eds.) published a book on the Essentials of Creativity Assessment. It is comprehensive and includes a look at divergent thinking, the Creativity Assessment Technique (Amabile) and other ways of viewing creativity. Available on Amazon and through other bookstores.
  • Amabile, T. The Social Psychology of Creativity. Book HERE

Creative PROCESS

Popular Pubs and Resources
  • The Aristist’s Way (Julia Cameron). Great book! HERE
  • The Creative Habit: Use it for Life (Mark Reiter) HERE
  • Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality (Scott Belsky) HERE
  • The de Bono Group – Six Thinking Hats HERE
  • Six Thinking Hats (Edward de Bono) Book – HERE
  • Creative Ideas Blog, Idea Sandbox, HERE
Academic Pubs and Resources
  • Creativity When Resources are Scarce. Linked HERE
  • The Creative Problem Solving Process (Creative Education Foundation) Linked HERE

Creative PRODUCT

Teresa Amabile,¬†Edsel Bryant Ford Professor of Business Administration in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School, is perhaps the most well known theorist and scholar on Creative Product. As many can guess, assessing outcomes of creativity and innovation can be often “subjective,” leaving the “What is creative” to those determining it. Her early work in the form of the Creativity Assessment Technique (CAT), and studies and frameworks that emerged from that work, have predominated the discussions of creative products. Here are a few of interest:

Popular Pubs and Resources

Assessing student Creative Work. Link HERE

Academic Pubs and Resources
  • Entrepreneurial Creativity (Rigolizzo & Amabile); Chapter Link, HERE
  • Measuring Design Thinking; Link HERE
  • Assessing Creative Products by Experts Link HERE

Creative PRESS (Environment)

Popular Pubs and Resources
  • 10 Dimensions of a Creative Climate (Ed McMahon’s Blog, True North) HERE
  • Top Six Components of a Creative Climate (Innovation Management) HERE
Academic Pubs and Resources
  • The Creative Climate: (Ekvall). HERE
  • An example (Thesis) of Framework Assessment of Organizational Creative Climate HERE