Digital Storytelling Projects


Combining my research interests and unique communication approaches, I am finalizing the development of a collaborative, community-based Digital Storytelling project along the St. Lawrence River. The project integrates digital storytelling and life narrative inquiry to capture “ordinary voices” in communities along this critical waterway. Through digital mapping and accessible wireless apps, these stories will go beyond entertainment value and a means for historical documentation of the region,  but will also be beta-tested for their potential value in closing the gap between the non-articulated individual and community “values,” advocacy, and their inclusion in community decision-making processes around natural resource considerations.

Additions to River Voices anticipated include both the Raquette and Hudson Rivers.


If you grew up or currently live along one of these three critical rivers in New York State, please reach out to me at to schedule a life narrative appointment as part of my research and our online RiverVoices digital storytelling/documentation project.

For more on Digital Storytelling, including creative methods being utilized in projects across the U.S., visit my research page.