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Content development in Public Relations is STRATEGIC and includes innovative rhetoric + writing + design Read the latest on what's trending & "How-To" advice.

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RiverVoices Digital Storytelling Project

Check in regularly on our RiverVoices Digital Storytelling project, as well as other creative ways organizations and companies are using digital storytelling & GIS Tools.

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“Place” Research & Promotion

Interested in the intersection of people, places & natural resources including collaboration, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), placemaking and promotion.

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Be Open

One of the many indicators and personality traits inherent in numerous creativity-related assessments, most notably the Big Five factors of personality, is Openness to Experience. This trait or factor is used by modern psychological researchers to describe how apt a person is to engage in abstract thinking. Openness to Experience, or OE, describes a cognitive […]

The Most Powerful Question

A good friend engaged in creative problem solving, facilitation, mentoring, and personal and spiritual development, posted a link to this amazing blog post written by Ewan Townhead, founder of The Realized Entrepreneur. In his discussion of hitting rock-bottom in his relationship and entrepreneurial pursuits, despite the success of both, he tells of turning to mysticism, […]

Namaste in the Workplace?

This past April, I officiated the wedding of my brother-in-law and his partner of a decade in the historic Castro Theater in San Francisco. After the ceremony, a man approached me, telling me how moved he was that I had incorporated the Hindu concept of Namaste into my discussion of marriage. He was Hindu and […]

Treat Yourself to Art!

My friend, Caroline Pakel-Dunlop, owner of To the Heart Agency, shared with me several years ago her commitment to purchase a piece of original artwork annually to “feed the soul” and support people’s creative endeavors. When we were wrapping up our training at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, she went on a jaunt […]