PR, Place & Promotion

As an instructor in Communication & Media pursuing a PhD, I also have a research agenda in addition to my teaching and Public Relations Practice, and am very open to scholarly collaboration. My interests intersect through the lens of Place, including the following, with articles in development:


This research area focuses on the ways in which “places” across levels of geographic scope use their multiple capitals to brand and promote places for not only tourism, but as quality places to live. It also includes the ways in which entrepreneurial ventures based on natural resources (natural and organic products, craft brewers, small wineries, organic farms, eco-regions (e.g., Lake Placid, NY LEED Community Certification)) are integral to new development frameworks and promotional strategies.

Creative Placemaking 

This research area focuses on the ways in which a neighborhood or community, particularly natural-resource rich, rural communities, can embrace artists-as-entrepreneurs as drivers of development and new economies built on The Arts.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Promotion

This research area is focused on the ways in which organizational CSR practices are designed, implemented, and promoted with goals of sustainability, water quality and community resilience, and the way activism is driving these movements as well as changing the paradigms and theories of Public Relations that have dominated the field for decades.

Digital Storytelling 

I am interested in the multiple approaches and tools that aid in new ways of “telling” the stories of people, places, and natural resources (e.g., rivers, coastlines, forests). This includes the Digital Storytelling processes, the use of GIS-based apps and platforms (StoryMaps), and creative methodologies like Walking & Emplacing Interviews (Pink, 2016), the Community Voice Method (Norwood & Cumming, 2009), and as a conduit for participatory processes that are more democratic (Senecah’s Trinity of Voice, 2001).

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